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Terms & Conditions of

Sales terms and conditions for Greece

 1. Application

This Agreement covers all products sold exclusively through the website (website) www. .   Any other Terms and Conditions are expressly excluded. Any user who enters and uses the services of the online store is deemed to consent and accepts unconditionally the terms herein, without any exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, he / she has to abstain from using the e-shop and from each transaction with it.

Sending your order implies acceptance of this Agreement and all of its terms.

  2. Orders / Contract

Orders must be received in writing via the Internet by completing and dispatching the relevant Order Form on the www. . Your order is considered to be received by   from the moment you receive an update of the order status marked "Order Entry". Order status updates   they are displayed on the user's screen and sent by e- mail to the email address registered by the user. During the processing of each registered order, the stock availability of the products you ordered is also confirmed. If the availability or delivery time differs from the one listed on the product page, you will   receive relevant information.

Your order is considered binding when in the order status there is an indication "In Mission" or "Available for Receipt".

The status of the order is constantly updated as when changes occur when managing your order.

You have to check the Confirmation of the Entry and immediately update it   (no later than 2 hours from the time of receipt of an electronic notice "Order Entry") in writing for any error, otherwise the items listed in the Confirmation of Entry will be applied to this Agreement.

Before sending a Order Form you received the following information:

-     The listed prices of the various products printed on the pages of the website include the legal VAT.

-     E-store prices can be changed at any time without notice.

-     "Web Offer" means that this product has a different price if it is purchased through the online store from the one at which it is sold at the same time from the physical store .

-     The   does not bear any liability and does not cover differences in the prices of products purchased from the physical store and the customer subsequently finds the existence of a lower price in its online store or vice versa.

-     Various product offers are valid until stocks are exhausted. In the case of short / limited stock availability of a product that has been offered,   the   it has a reasonable right that the orders in question be executed on the basis of the satisfaction of as many customers as possible, ie orders registered by different / separate users.

The   is trying to provide you with high quality services every day. The   under good faith is not responsible and is not bound to any errors in features, photographs and prices of products appearing on the website www.   and can not ensure that there will be no errors of any cause when importing and / or updating the characteristics and / or price of a product.

In the context of good faith and for your own protection, please note that if you find that a product is offered at an abnormally low or high price compared to its market value, before proceeding with ordering to contact the store on the phone   6909434831   or by sending an email to

The   enables you to order the products that are available through our online store and pick up the products from our store. In particular, you have the option of choosing the product (s) that you wish to purchase by repaying your purchase price in cash when you receive the products from the store.